Mechanical Engineering CAD. Using computer software as a tool to create and improve manufacturing projects from ship-building to the aerospace industry. Mechanical CADD Mechanical engineers design, analyze and help manufacture mechanical tools, engines, and machines. They are employed in almost all manufacturing sectors including heavy machineries, ship building, and aerospace, automobile. They are also employed in engineering services and product design companies


The vision is to provide professional education merging corporate culture globally to the youth through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with emerging technologies. Quality assurance parameters for each stage of training and development are ensured at all levels.


Mechanical engineering technologists assist engineers throughout the design process of mechanical products. After understanding the engineers’ design, they use software to create blueprints and specifications, and create a process for the manufacturing team to assemble the products designed by engineers. After the design process, mechanical engineering technologists work with other employees to streamline the manufacturing process. They often test designs and the materials used to ensure accuracy and functionality.


Mechanical engineering (CAD) branch is located in Prasad Polytechnic, Jaunpur. Branch has big and infrastructure such as big classrooms, well-equipped and latest technology based CAD Laboratories, Library and Information Center, and much more is accommodated at the campus, seminar hall.


The Mechanical Engineering (CAD) department was established in Prasad Polytechnic in the year 2011. The Department has an intake of 60 students. The department is committed to produce top class diploma engineering professionals through academic excellence and quality education. Mechanical Engineering (CAD) is the part of mechanical design. It is known as Computer Aided Design (CAD), which includes the process of creating a technical drawing with the use of computer software. CAD is worldwide valid software for 2D as well as 3D drawing.

Mechanical engineers who have CAD skills are employed in manufacturing industries including Automobiles, Aeronautical and engineering, Heavy Industries, Locomotives, and Marine. With CAD skills, Mechanical Engineers can find employment and increase productivity.

 The scope of Mechanical Engineering (CAD)   is very high. The CAD engineers are now a days in demand, due to new technologies developing in India. The design engineers use software such as Solid works, Cero, AutoCAD, Sold edge for Drafting and Designing.

Mr. Akhilesh N Upadhyay”

(ME CAD Dept.)


We have well qualified, experienced, versatile faculties with us who guide the students to enhance their beautiful career.

SN Name Designation Qualification
1. Mr. Akhilesh N Upadhyay HOD B. Tech
2. Mr. Sujit Kumar Srivastava Lecturer B. Tech
3. Mr. Ajit Kumar Verma Lecturer B. Tech
4. Mr. Indrabhan Maurya Lecturer B. Tech
5. Mr. Tilchand Yadav Lecturer MSc
6. Mr. Awnindra Vishwakarma Lecturer Ph. D.
7. Mr. Ashutosh Shukla Lecturer MSc
  1. MOS Lab:  In the mechanics of materials, the strengthof a material is its ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation.
  2. Hydraulics Lab: The Hydraulic laboratory is equipped with flow measuring equipments like orifices, mouth pieces, notches, orifice meters, Venturimeter, water-meter, Pitot tube and Reynolds apparatus.
  3. Thermal Lab: Thermal engineering lab is equipped with wind tunnel, refrigeration and air conditioning test- rig, bomb calorimeter, fuel testing equipments.
  4. Metrology Lab: Our engineers and technicians stay abreast of the latest developments in precision measurement and testing, often pioneering advanced testing techniques themselves.
  5. Workshop: Mechanical Engineering Workshop is a place where students acquire knowledge on the operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The Workshop Practice course makes students competent in handling practical work in engineering environment. Mechanical Engineering Workshop is also involved in different maintenance/repair works.
  6. CAD Lab: Computer Aided Design Laboratory (CAD LAB) … At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of civil engineering drawings using the latest version of AutoCAD Student will learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modeling definition.
  7. Auto CAD: AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program used for 2-D and 3-D design and drafting. AutoCAD is developed and marketed by Autodesk Inc. and was one of the first CAD programs that could be executed on personal computers.
  8. E -Learning Studio: We have two online leaning platforms. Such as Google Classroom & Zoom Classes.
First Year
First Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Communication Skills-I
2 Applied Mathematics – I
3 Applied Physics – I
4 Applied Chemistry
5 Engineering Drawing-I
6 Basics of Information Technology
7 General Workshop Practice-I
Second Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Applied Mathematics – II
2 Applied Physics -II
3 Applied Mechanics
4 General Engineering
5 Engineering Drawing -II
6 General Workshop Practice-II
Second Year
Third Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Applied Mathematics-III
2 Engineering Materials
3 Mechanics of Solids
4 Thermal Engineering
5 Computer Aided Drafting and 3D Modelling
6 Workshop Technology
Fourth Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Communication Skills-II
2 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
3 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
4 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
5 Environmental Studies
6 Energy Conservation
7 Universal Human Values
Third Year
Fifth Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship Development
2 Theory of Machines
3 Machine Design
4 Production Technology
5 Production Management
6 Automobile Engineering
Sixth Semester
Sr. No. Name of Subjects
1 Industrial Engineering
2 Metrology and Measuring Instruments
3 CNC Machines and Automation
4 Computer Aided Design
5 Project Work

“The college focuses both on theoretical knowledge & practical .Teachers provide sufficient resources & teach in a very friendly manner”.  

Prateek Singh


Career after

Mechanical engineering is really a broad field for students and AutoCAD training is very important for mechanical students in the future. Since the evolution of technology, innovation plays a vital role in the application of mechanical engineering. Some of the technologies used in manufacturing units include Robotics, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermodynamics which were dealt with by mechanical engineers.