The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is a lively and invigorating academic center for higher education, research, and innovation in key areas of computing. The vision of the department is to be a center of excellence that provides high quality education to develop future leaders in all aspects of computing including education and entrepreneurship, contributes practically relevant and cutting edge research, and catalyzes IT entrepreneurship.

The driving mission for the department is to:

Conduct high quality education and research in scientific, technological, engineering, mathematical, entrepreneurial, human, educational, and interdisciplinary aspects of computing. Graduate world-class computing professionals at the bachelor’s and master’s levels with imagination and competence to identify and solve significant problems in industry and society through technology and innovation.

Engage in academic leadership activities such as development of academic and computational resources and organization of faculty development programs, conferences, workshops etc.

The department attracts talented students and faculty from all over India. The main Endeavour of the department is to develop students’ technical competence as well as creative and critical thinking ability. The department provides the students with a platform to develop insight to face real life challenges and to come out with innovative technical solutions. They are frequently evaluated with multiple assignments, hands on exercises, mini projects, surprise tests and presentations as they progress through the different programs in the department. The department uses a diversified set of pedagogical approaches that includes interactive lectures and practical hands-on exercise etc.

The team has dedicated and well qualified faculty members to facilitate high standard of teaching & learning process. These faculty members are also involved in research work attaining research publications in repute international conferences and journals.


The Department Of Computer Science & Engineering Will Strive To Become An Excellent Center For Research And Innovation In Various Knowledge Domains Within Computer Science And Between Computer Science And Other Disciplines With Focus On Empowering Human Potential To Deliver Service To Science And Society.


To nurture an excellent learning environment and creating opportunities for an individual to emerge as a technocrat who will be able to analyses complex engineering problems in society and provide innovative and fair solutions applying the knowledge of contemporary technologies and tools for the ease of its social acceptance at large

Room Description No of Rooms Seating Capacity Room Equipped with Usage
Class Room 4 60 Podium, Black/White Board, Lcd Projector ohp, Internet Facility Lecture
Class Room 4 60 Podium, Black/White Board, Lcd Projector ohp, Internet Facility Tutorials
Departmental Library 1 60 Desktop, internet access, white board,table,chairs Study
Faculty Cabins 12 01 each Internet Access , News Board

Data Structure Using C Lab: Stack, Queue, Linked list, Searching and sorting algorithms are implemented using C Language.

Theory of Automata and Formal Language Lab: The Land Surveying Laboratory is established with the purpose of enabling students to practice land surveying techniques using a wide spectrum of surveying equipment.

Discrete Structure and Logic Lab: The Set theory, propositional and predicate logic concepts are implemented using Prolog Language.

Database Management System Lab: Perform simple and join queries to implement all the DDL, DML and DCL Commands using Oracle database.

Design Analysis Algorithm Lab: Searching, sorting, string matching, dynamic programming algorithms are being implemented using recursive and non-recursive functions using C.

Principle of Programming Lab: Program for Searching, sorting and making of dictionary is implemented in Standard Meta Language.

Web Technology Lab: Web page designing using HTML, JSP, XML, PHP, interaction with Apache Tomcat Server, Connectivity with databases such as MYSQL, SQL Server. Implementation of various programs using Java Swing, Java Servlet is done.

Computer Network Lab: Live demonstration of different types of servers such as RED HAT Server, DNS Server and DHCP Server is done.

Compiler Design Lab: Lexical analysis phase using LEX, syntax analysis phase using YACC and code generation is done using FLEX tool.

Data Warehouse & Data Mining Lab: Data Mining and Warehousing algorithms and concepts are implemented using Rapid Miner and WEKA tool.