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Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents and Student’s,

          Indeed I am extremely glad to be a part of PIS family. It is always encouraging and exciting to take up new challenges in life. Gone are the days where teachers dominated the session in school, now they ought  to play the role of a facilitator. In the past, the world view of empirical science has been shaping the goals of education; this world view is now being challenged by the world view of holistic science

          The goals of education are being shaped by the new holistic science, the purpose of education is to culture the mind of students so that they can accomplish all their aims in life. Education, to justify itself, should be enable them to use the full potential of their personality, surroundings and circumstances so that they may accomplish the maximum in life for themselves and for others.

          Education has two goals, developments of individual and the improvement of society. Since individuals make up the society, the society  improves with the improvements of individuals who make it up. That is the reason why CCE has been introduced, to provide the missing link between classroom learning and real life experiences. Here I would like to quote that saying of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. That “Our education system can’t be one that produces robots that can happen in succeed in 21th century, excellence I academic alone is not sufficient; students need life skills and co-scholastic skills to excel in their careers.

          I appreciate the parents who have found the right institution to put in their children. The school assures you a holistic development in your child’s life the days and the years to come.


                                                                                                Mr. Thampi Raj D.


Mr. Thampi Raj D Principal